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First Capital is always eager to hear from interested investors.  If you would like to learn more about FCP’s specific investment opportunities, please complete the below investor questionnaire and one of our investment professionals will contact you.

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What type of investments do you currently own? Check all that apply:

Single Family Homes

Money Market/Savings

Bonds & T-Bills

Multi-Family Homes Retirement Account Other
  Stocks/Mutual Funds  

What type of real estate investments are you interested in?  Check all that apply:

    Multi-family   Located  Within California
    Retail    Located  Outside California
    Office   Located Anywhere


How much experience do you have with real estate investing?

I have little or no experience

I have invested in over 3 properties

I am a real estate veteran

Out of the following which describes you best?

I don’t have the time to manage an investment property I want a dedicated company to manage my overall investment.

I don’t have the knowledge to find the best investment. I want an experienced professional to find the most profitable investment for me.

I don’t want to invest in single family homes and rather collectively invest in larger more stable properties with others.

I am a professional investor and looking for talented money managers to improve my portfolio.

None of the above.

Approximately how much capital do you have available for investing?

Less than $100K $300K to $700K Over $1 Mil
$100K to $300K $700K to $1 Mil  




Office Address:
700 South Flower Street Suite 2400
Los Angeles, California 90017

Telephone: 213.225.2225

Email: info@firstcapitalproperties.com